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War and Conflict, World War Two, pic: circa May 1945, A Russian soldier on a stairway in the Reichstag surrounded by a wall covered in Russian graffiti, the Soviet soldiers leaving their mark on the Headquarters of the Third Reich (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)


Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy K. Zhukov (December 1, 1896 – June 10, 1974), the commander of the 1st 1st Belorussian Front during the Battle of Berlin, visits the Reichstag the day after it fell, on May 3, 1945. Already the building is covered in Cyrillic graffiti. Some of the words on the pillar behind Zhukov read "Misha" "Antokhin" and "cousins". Zhukov is accompanied by Soviet Red Army General Nikolai E. Berzarin (April 1, 1904 – June 16, 1945) commander of the 5th Shock Army during the battle, the first unit to enter Berlin. Tsarist tradition awarded command of a besieged city to the first general to enter it. Bezarin was made the commander of the Berlin Occupation Forces. Berzarin was killed in a truck accident a few weeks later, an accident that some suspected to be an assassination by elements of the NKVD, Stalin's secret police. Also with Zhukov is Lieutenant General Konstantin F. Telegin (November 3, 1899 - November 16, 1981) Zhukov's deputy and political Commissar. Telegin was denounced when Zhukov fell out of Stalin's favor in 1947 and was rehabilitated when Stalin died in 1953. Acting as their guide is Arthur H. W. Pieck, son of Wilhelm Pieck (December 28, 1899 - January 13, 1970), the future first President of East Germany. Pieck is on the left and has a sling holster with a belt buckle. The younger Pieck served as an interpreter for Berzarin's 5th Shock Army. While visiting the Reichstag, Zhukov added his name to the graffiti and talked with the soldiers that stormed the building for an hour. The same day, Zhukov toured the ruins of the Reichskanzlei ("Reich Chancellery") and the Fuhrerbunker. There, he refused to see the bodies of the Gobbels children, and was present when the bodies of Gobbels and his wife Magda were found. His primary purpose was to confirm that Fuhrer and Reichskanzler ("Leader and Reich Chancellor") Adolf Hitler was indeed dead. Zhukov was unaware that his own 3rd Shock Army had found the bodies of Adolf and Eva Hitler (

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