Мастера грузоперевозок 2

A CHINESE MAN PULLS A CART PACKED HIGH WITH BAGS OF PLASTIC CONTAINERS IN SHANGHAI. 1384225999_1-34 1384226001_1-47 1384226003_1-27 1384226004_1-50 The fuselage of a Boeing 737 is parked on a road in Mumbai 1384226008_1-48 SOMALI TRUCK LOADED WITH CORN PARKED ON STREET IN MOGADISHU. 1384226012_1-20 1384226012_1-45 1384226013_1-11 1384226014_1-40 1384226014_1-44 1384226016_1-30 1384226016_1-36 1384226016_1-52 1384226018_1-12 1384226020_1-15 1384226020_1-38 1384226022_1-62 1384226023_1-46 Passenger buses are loaded with cars for transport in Kandahar 1384226026_1-32 1384226027_1-42 1384226030_1-13 1384226035_1-21 Image: 1384226042_1-54 A man tries to control a heavily loaded cart of corn plants, used as animal feed, after it lifted his donkey in Lahore A motor tricycle loaded with recyclable plastic bottles drives along a street in Taiyuan 1384226049_1-31 1384226051_1-35 1384226052_1-60 1384226053_1-26 1384226053_1-59 1384226055_1-14 1384226055_1-49 1384226057_1-28 1384226063_1-17 1384226065_1-16 1384226065_1-29 PUBLISHED by catsmob.com 1384226070_1-5 A customs officer checks as a vehicle of a South Korean company carrying products made in inter-Korean Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, arrives at the customs, immigration and quarantine office, just south of the DMZ in Paju 1384226077_1-37 1384226078_1-19 1384226080_1-22 1384226080_1-33 1384226082_1-18 1384226082_1-23 1384226082_1-25 1384226083_1-2 1384226083_1-41 A bus is driven past a market in Maidan Shahr, capital of Wardak Province A CHINESE MAN PUSHES HIS BICYCLE TRANSPORTING RECYCLABLE PLASTIC IN SHANGHAI. 1384226089_1-24 Palestinians sit in the boot of a car as they follow the convoy of released Palestinian soccer player Al-Sarsak upon his arrival in Gaza The Emmaus church is transported on a special trailer, after leaving the eastern German village of Heuersdorf 1384226094_1-58 1384226096_1-43 1384226096_1-56 1384226099_1-51 A man carries a sofa on his motorcycle on a highway near Kenya's capital Nairobi

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