Фотографий времён СССР

Russian Women Chipping the Concrete Woman Working in Electronics Factory dfgsrtr Trans-Siberian Gas Pipeline Workers erwersd Crowds Leaving Flowers ewr3t44 Public Weighing in Yalta Soviet Children Playing Soldiers in Assembly at an Army Camp Construction of the Trans-Siberian Gas Pipeline Family Eating Dinner at Home Russians Celebrating on New Year's Eve 1986-1987: Moscow, Military Russian Tourists Posing Below the Olympic Rings Uzbekistan oiplkj 1986-1987: Moscow, Red Square Woman Selling Food for Charity Government Cars Leaving The Kremlin, Moscow Highway in Lithuania 1986-Moscow, Street Scenes Children Wrapped Against Cold, Russia USSR Referendum to Maintain the Union Construction Workers in Moldavia Lithuanian Apartment Houses Apollo and Soyuz Capsules in Moscow Soviet Women with WWII Medals

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